What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “Treasure”? If the sweet sounds of Bruno Mars start playing in your head then you’re in good company—that happens a lot here, too. In addition to Expappers breaking out into their soulful renditions of Mars’ hit song, we know something special is in the works when we hear the word “Treasure.”

Treasure is our philanthropic initiative that gives Experience employees the opportunity to give back, have fun and positively impact our community.

Past Treasure initiatives include packaging food with Stop Hunger Now and Rise Against, and community cleanup initiatives with ATL Tech Gives Back. One of our ongoing commitments is a partnership with a local chapter of the Boys and Girls Club.

Late last month we invited 20 teenagers from the Boys and Girls Club to Experience for the first Treasure event hosted at our (really cool) office. The event, an entrepreneurship workshop, broke down the fundamentals of starting a business while encouraging creativity and ideation so that the kids could present their business ideas by the end of the workshop. And boy did these young minds come up with amazing ideas. Sole Shoes, a business that could revolutionize the way people of all ages purchase and customize their footwear is just one of the great businesses the kids came up with.

While the businesses they envisioned were amazing—and doable— the best part was watching our friends from the Boys and Girls Club come out of their shells right in front of us. As our workshop leaders introduced new business concepts, light bulbs went off, turning on creativity and amplifying the confidence that was already living in all of them.

Before we knew it, we were standing among future artists, visionaries, motivational speakers, software engineers, educators, fashion designers, musicians and more.

Our goal with the Entrepreneurship workshop was simple: facilitate the spirit of innovation, drive, and determination that we all walk into work with daily, and do so in a way that creates a similar entrepreneurial spirit in our workshop participants. Each and every one of our volunteers – who are all Experience employees – did that with the added benefit that our friends from the Boys and Girls Club left us more inspired by the end. After we said goodbye to the kids, collectively cleaned up, and reflected on the amazing event, it hit me— what we have in Treasure, in Experience, and in our commitment to give back really is gold.