Maximize your ticket sales revenue and deliver ultimate flexibility to your fans.

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Use Experience Pass® technology, Fluid Ticket® technology, and mobile student ticketing to control when, where, how, and to whom you sell your tickets.

  • Attract new fans

    Engage hard-to-reach fan segments like millennials, last-minute deciders, and fans not buying traditional ticketing products.

  • Increase ticket utilization

    Let season ticket members earn credit for returning tickets, which they can apply toward more or upgraded seats. Higher ticket utilization leads to higher renewals.

  • Capture data on every engagement

    Stop wondering who actually uses your tickets. Build a list of engaged, active leads and target them with future offers.

Ticketing Technology Suite

Single-game tickets

Maximize single-event ticket sales

Plan single-event ticket offers in a moment’s notice and target the right audiences at the right time.

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Subscription access

Deliver “the Netflix” of attending live sports

Cultivate tomorrow’s season ticket buyers with a new type of subscription access to live events – sell tickets today but deliver seats on gameday.

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Flexible memberships

Give avid fans unprecedented flexibility

Sell a book of tickets to a fan and allow her to redeem any group size at any event in the future, all from her phone.

Fluid Ticket™ technology

Unlock the full value of a mobile season ticket

Allow your season ticket members to return seats for any event in just three taps while you resell those seats on the primary market or use them for seat upgrades.

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Student ticketing

Make ticketing easy for students

Utilize the only student ticketing technology that was designed for students, but built with ticketing ops in mind.

"For the Magic, Fluid Ticket and the Fall Fast Break Pass have been real game changers."


Make your box office smile!

We integrate directly into your existing ticketing system for real-time inventory management that delivers the reconciliation ticketing ops will love.

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