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The new climate created by COVID-19 demands a more flexible approach to ticketing. SafeSeat™ offers electronic and mobile ticketing that responds to the expectations of fans and the needs of venues, addressing the improved safety and security of live event attendance required in today’s world.

With new inventory assignment logic allowing venues to seamlessly distance fans via seats in between groups, SafeSeat ensures the safety of patrons while reducing the need and operational burden to re-manifest on an event-by-event basis.


Data Shows a Shift in Fan Expectations

In a study of over 800 fans we surveyed in May 2020, fans responded with changing levels of comfort not only in ticketing preferences and attendance but in seating expectations as well.


46% of fans responded that some type of socially distanced seating would be preferred.


Of the fans who are not comfortable returning immediately, 72% will seek socially distanced options such as seats next to empties, premium areas, or SRO once they do return.


43% of fans want the option to return tickets for credit to future events should cancellation occur.


Maximize Inventory in a Socially-Distanced World

How It Works

SafeSeat reduces contact between fans as they move in and out of seats with the ability to limit the number of groups per row. Leveraging the unique technology of Experience Pass®, SafeSeat offers flexible ticketing features that help preserve the social aspect of live events.

Features such as Linking help maximize inventory and waste fewer seats, allowing fans to connect with other Pass holders, while Guest Tickets let fans purchase additional tickets for friends or family prior to seat assignment.

Benefits That Help You Stay Flexible

Create a Social Experience

Deliver the security that fans seek while offering flexible and social ticketing features to preserve the camaraderie of live events.

Align Capacity to Safety Guidelines

Empower your team or venue to maximize revenue and optimize attendance with the ability to respond to changing safety conditions.

Reduce Operational Burden

Ensure the flexibility to manage differences or fluctuations in guidelines on an event-by-event basis as restrictions ease or change across communities.

Maximize Inventory and Attendance

Optimize inventory with automated delayed seat delivery while controlling the number of events fans can access.

Prioritize Seating for Loyal Fans

Offer prioritized seating in designated sections for fan groups such as season ticket holders or turn on Returns and Credit features to entice fans with investment guarantees.

COVID-19 Market Research

The sports and live entertainment world will feel the effects of COVID-19 for months to come.
We set out to understand how fans will react to this reality.

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COVID-19 Impact Fan Study

Register to download a copy of our COVID-19 Impact Fan Study, where we surveyed over 800 fans across sports leagues and live entertainment to gauge their shifting expectations in the COVID-19 climate. Get your copy today for insights into:

  • Fan demographics and current feeling towards live events
  • When and how fans will return to events
  • Fan requirements to attend live events in the future
  • How fans plan to spend their dollars

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