For Multi-Event Fans

Move Fans from Casual to Committed

With Experience Pass®, your fans enjoy the thrill of live events without the obligation of traditional ticketing. Our multi-event ticketing technology lets you easily manage inventory and maximize revenue, while giving fans the flexibility they want.

Offer fans a subscription to a set of specific events or sell a bundle of tickets that can be used however they choose. With a customizable approach to flexible ticketing, Pass makes happy fans and healthy venues.


Features That Win More Fans

Give the Flexibility Fans Demand

Auto-renew subscription, redeemable vouchers, or a set plan, give your fans the flexible ticketing offer they’re looking for.

Control Inventory with Delayed Delivery

Pass allows you to separate the seat from the pass and assign seats closer to the start of your event, letting you optimize your inventory and limit broker activity.

Enhance the Fan Experience

Ticket Management features allow fans to Sit with Friends by linking their tickets, Return their tickets when they can’t attend, or purchase Guest Tickets.


65% of fans who purchase Pass are new to team databases

2 out of 3

2 out of 3 fans who purchase Pass have not purchased multi-event products from the same team in the past two years


Pass purchasers who utilize Guest Tickets are 20% more likely to renew or repurchase the following year


Inside the Features


Sit With Friends

Allow fans to link passes and sit together for selected events.



Sell the same seat twice by incentivizing fans to return unwanted or unused tickets.


Guest Tickets

Encourage fans to bring friends and family while stacking on incremental revenue.


Transfer Tickets

Easily enable fans to transfer their tickets to friends or family members.

Subscription for Success

A subscription-based Pass allows fans the option to sign up for auto-renewed passes. With subscription ticketing, the control is in your hands:

  • Subscription Pass provides the flexibility fans are seeking beyond traditional ticket plans.
  • Flexible payments remove the burden of purchases for both you and fans with advance and recurring payments.
  • You set the terms, such as what’s included, when it renews, and the cost.
  • The simple renewal process minimizes decisions for fans and saves your staff time.
  • A superior user experience with a fully integrated e-commerce platform that takes the fan from the first browsing moment to the final purchase with just a few steps.

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