Fluid Venues Make Waves

Today’s fans demand flexibility, convenience, and experiences in all aspects of their busy lives. And the ticketing world is no different. Our product suite caters to these desires with a fan experience as fluid as life, helping you create Fluid Venues that put the control back in your hands, so you can make every seat count.

Optimize Your Offerings

Each of our products are designed for the utmost flexibility, enhancing your existing ticketing framework. When combined, they work in concert to create a Fluid Venue and a more flexible fan experience.

Capture Revenue

Maximize your revenue while giving your fans a world-class experience from start to finish, thanks to options that amplify the value of every ticket, from single events to season passes.

Unlock Inventory

Whether creating additional inventory where it’s needed the most or filling every seat, we can help you make sure you’re optimized to pack the house for every event.

Create an Unparalleled Experience

Our technology is built on the mobile web and integrated under your brand’s app and website, so fans always have a seamless user experience from start to finish.

Customized to Your Needs

We’ll help you create a robust program that appeals to all of your fan demographics — whether single-event fans, casual fans, multi-game fans, subscribers, season ticket holders, or any combination in between.


The Foundation of Success


For Multi-Event Fans

Unlock new ways to optimize your revenue by giving fans more flexibility through subscription-based access.

Pass One

For Single Event Fans

Find new fans to build your audience and fill your seats with easy access to single-event ticketing.

Fluid Ticket

For Season Ticket Members

Reward your season ticket holders with more flexibility and added benefits that boost your bottom line.


For Experiential Fans

Get the most from every seat while offering fans better seats and exciting experiences and merchandise.

Access Offers More Opportunities

In traditional ticketing, a fan buys a specific seat… but if they can’t attend or don’t show, you lose control of that seat. What if you could reimagine this scenario with a more flexible ticketing experience—one where the fan buys access to a venue instead of a specific seat, and one where you regain control of that seat? Experience products can help you create a Fluid Venue that brings this scenario to life.

TIX (Full Body)

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