Meet our Teams


Junior Gaspard

Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Rick Cabrera

SVP of Engineering and Security

Greg Vilines

VP of Marketing and Product

Marc Sandoval

VP of Sales and Retention

Stan Deak

VP of New Business Development

Chris LeCraw

General Manager, INWEGO

Business Development

The people experts – they grow relationships and connect our partners and prospects to the right solutions.

Keith Gibson

Sr. Director of New Business Development

Chris Kesicke

Sr. Director of Sales and Retention
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Kirk Madsen

Sr. Director of Sales and Retention

Nick Arndt

Sr. Director of Sales and Retention

Nate Klein

Director of Sales and Retention

Nick Myers

Director of Sales and Retention

Joey Catrino

Director of New Business Development

Carder Berry

Sr. Manager of Sales and Retention

Jamison Williams

Manager of Sales and Retention


The creators of new technologies – they build amazing products that teams and fans love.

Adam Leonard

Staff Engineer

Chris Singer

Team Lead

Yoel Spotts

Team Lead

Jim Schindler

Director of Ticketing & Commerce

Colin Gray

Team Lead - Commerce

Tommy McNeese

Director of Platform & Apis

Dharmesh Patel

Senior DevOps Manager

Eric Gonzales

DevOps Engineer

Josh Collins

DevOps Engineer

Aaron Rosenbaum

Lead Front-End Engineer

Grant Cooksey


Kevin McBrayer


Michael O’Connor


Mitchell McKenzie


Robert Labrada


Spencer Powell

Coming soon

Michael Greenlaw

DevOps Intern


The number crunchers who handle the dollars and the details – they are responsible for the daily execution of the accounting and financial reporting cycles.

Courtney Massee

Director of Finance & Accounting

Logan Stroly

Sr. Financial Analyst

Johnathan Juste

Financial Analyst


The finders and keepers of the best in the business – they make fundamental contributions to our culture, compensation, training, and exceptional employees.

Ashley Pryor

Director of Talent and Culture

Grace Murphy

Talent and Culture Assistant


The team behind the first ever market-based mobile subscription service for entertainment seekers and sports fans – they code, they craft messages, they do it all.

Travis Bailey

Lead Engineer

Irwin Coleman


Seth Pearce


Adrian Devezin


Emily Herring

Head of Marketing
Coming soon

Alex Mayson

Marketing Manager

Keona Blocker

Marketing Manager

Ben Bussard

Content Manager

Taylor McMurrin

Content Manager

Brent Williams


Paul Reeves

Operations Intern


The program architects and consultants – they implement our products and manage strategic relationships that support transactional growth for partner programs.

Michael Connolly

Director of Operations

Chris Morrison

Sr. Manager, Operations

Peyton Beard

Sr. Manager, Operations

Alex Dawson

Ops Manager

Ben Hunolt

Ops Manager

Kevin Segal

Ops Manager

Michael Nardi

Ops Manager

Web Barclay

Ops Manager

Kelly Moran

Sr. Ops Analyst

Danny Bruce

Ops Analyst

John Pessoa

Ops Analyst

Kelly Dwyer

Ops Analyst

Liz Spencer

Ops Analyst

Chandler Garmon

Operations Intern


The message crafters and communicators – they help to empower our partners and educate our customers about our programs and products.

Coming soon

Melissa Vidakovic

Director of Marketing

Lindley Moss

Manager of Communications and Events

Kendra Kelly

Sr. Marketing Manager

Molly Jones

Sr. Marketing Manager

Hilary Yeganegi

Marketing Coordinator

Kelly Buday

Public Relations


The visionaries and problem solvers – they listen to user needs, assess impact, build the roadmap to the future, and capture attention with the right mix of content and channels.

Lynne Green

Director of Product Management

Erin Borys

Sr. Manager, Customer Success

Troy Straub

Product Strategy Manager

Dixita Patel

Associate Product Manager

Justin Matthews

Associate Product Manager

Mya King

Associate Product Manager

Layna Carnicom

Associate Program Manager

Brittney Noe

Ticketing Products Specialist

Cherisa Hawkins

User Experience Designer

Molly McDonough

Sr. Customer Success Analyst

Kaylie Lopez

Customer Success Analyst

Rebecca Stewart

Customer Success Analyst

Tyler Badger

Customer Success Analyst

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