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COVID Impact Fan Study
Gain valuable knowledge into how and when fans say they will return to live events, as well as insights on ticketing preferences, in-venue spending, and what you can do to meet changing fan expectations.

State of the Fan Report
This report analyzes fans’ experiences in 2019 (pre-COVID) and 2020 (during COVID), and explores how purchasing, ticketing, and in-venue preferences have changed.

Non-Event Industries in a COVID-19 World
This report looks at what’s happening across other industries to understand latent demand as well as find and employ safety measures that will help fans feel safe enough to return to events.

Fan Forum Follow-up Report
Learn about key fan takeaways via a forum with participants from our COVID-19 survey and their thoughts on attending live events in the current climate.


Part 1: Millennials
What motivates millennials? This e-book explores millennial buying behaviors and insights to keep you in the know on the largest economic consumer group in the country.

Part 2: Boomers
In this e-book, we dive into the boomer generation to understand their motivations, economic impact, and why they remain an important demographic for businesses.


Session 1: Returns & Flexibility
Learn how returns create greater flexibility for fans while allowing you opportunities to resell inventory.

Session 2: Recruiting New Fans
Learn how you can discover new fans and help create incremental revenue through flexible ticketing technologies.

Session 3: Engaging Your Most Loyal Fans
Discover how rewarding loyal fans can lead to greater engagement and renewal rates with flexible ticketing technologies.

Session 4: Expanding Sales & Engagement with Existing Fans
Learn about add-on features that can create more revenue and engagement while exciting existing fans in new ways.

Session 5: Subscription Pass for Changing Expectations
View results from our Subscription Pass survey of NBA and NHL fans, and learn how it can help venues adapt to changing fan expectations.

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*Note: You are free to leverage the insights presented in these documents until November 30, 2020, after which time this information will be unavailable. At this time, no further market research analysis will be completed or supported.

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