Our culture as a whole is rapidly changing. Mobile phones are everywhere. Social media is the preferred method of communication. Millennial fans are growing in numbers, leading the charge to change the way we consume events. This powerful group prefers access over ownership and expects their dollars to go further.

Additionally, the entertainment options available in 2015 are endless…sports, concerts, movies, television, and the list goes on and on…all competing for our attention, our loyalty, and our money.

The old adage, “if you build it, they will come,” doesn’t quite happen in today’s busy, multi-choice, on-demand world. So, how do you meet the needs of today’s fan base? To answer that question, it’s important to first take a look at the different types of fans and their motivations.

The Casual Fan

Casual fans want their live event experience to resemble other social outlets, like going to dinner or a movie. They want it to be exciting, fun, and different every time, with a multitude of options to choose from. They want last-minute access to great seats and the ability to tailor their experience on extra-special occasions. They want to attend events when they want, and how they want.

The Lifelong Fan

Usually a Season Ticket Member, these are the most loyal fans. This group wants to be rewarded for their loyalty, and, at the same time, have ultimate flexibility in exchange for their ongoing commitment. These fans like to attend lots of events and desire a way to personalize every aspect in order to create truly amazing memories.

The On-The-Edge Fan

These fans have the potential to be lifelong, loyal fans. This important group needs our attention because they have not found a way to engage with their favorite team or venue in a way that is meaningful. As a result, they are disengaging and close to giving up on the live event experience altogether. It’s imperative we give them a reason to come back.

Today’s Experience

Whether it’s more flexibility with season tickets, or on-demand subscription access, or affordable last-minute tickets; Experience believes the ubiquity of mobile lends itself to being a fan’s hub for complete live event personalization. The “now” culture is moving toward added personalization, and we’re re-inventing the live event experience with products and services that meet the fan where they want to be.

“The ubiquity of mobile lends itself to being a fan’s hub for complete live event personalization.”

This could mean flexible season tickets for the most loyal fans that lets them gain access to VIP experiences, turn in their tickets for credit when “life happens” and they can’t make it to a game, or simply get the best seats in the house each and every time. Experience does that.

For the casual fan who might not be ready to fully commit to a season-long membership; the option of an affordable, short-term subscription is just the ticket. Experience does that, too.

Quick and easy mobile access to last minute seats at a great price are perfect for those on-the-edge fans who really want to have the experience, but need a little convincing. Experience has that covered.

And who wouldn’t want to be surprised and delighted at each and every event. Maybe it’s a complimentary pass to get on the field before the game, or an invitation to a post-game press conference. These unique unexpected opportunities let fans truly experience an event like never before and convert all types of fans into fanatics.

What’s Next

Experience will continue to innovate and expand our technology, but one thing will remain constant – we are dedicated to making sure fans have an incredible time at live events. This is our mission, our purpose, and what we think about all day, every day.

And this is the purpose of the new Experience blog – to take advantage of our unique position in the middle of live sports and entertainment, ticketing and technology, die-hard groupies and casual attendees – to give perspective on the fan experience.

This is what Experience is all about – building great technology to create lifelong fans.