14 Schools Across the Country Now Offer All Mobile Access for Student Tickets

ATLANTA – Experience (expapp.com) announced today 14 College Athletic Departments now offer Experience’s mobile student ticketing platform for the 2018 – 2019 athletic calendar, including football and men’s basketball. Eliminating the hassle of paper tickets or the student ID for entry, students can use their mobile device to receive text notifications, claim their ticket, and scan into games with just three taps on their phone.

Scott Carr, Deputy AD, from the University of Central Florida noted, “We jumped on board in advance of the 2018 football season and already have over 22,000 students that have accessed a ticket on their mobile device. Over 14,000 of those students have opted-in to receive text notifications.” Carr continued, “Not only is this process convenient or
students, it also provides better insight for our athletic department. Throughout game week, we can track the number of tickets claimed as well as the number of guest tickets purchased. Knowing student ticket demand ahead of time allows us to allocate stadium operations staff and manage ticket inventory for the public.”

The University of South Carolina’s student ticketing process, once cumbersome and heavily reliant on a desktop computer, now allows students to request a ticket, claim their ticket, and return a ticket if they can no longer attend. This entire process is now 100 percent mobile, giving students the flexibility to transact on the go as their busy schedules demand.

Lance Grantham, Senior Associate AD, Ticketing and Customer Relations, at the University of South Carolina commented, “Our all mobile student ticketing offering is exactly what we envisioned when we set out to make our athletic ticketing process easier for students. With just a few taps on their mobile device, students can get their tickets and enter the venue.  It was amazing to see over 12,000 students prepared with their mobile barcode in hand as they approached the stadium to enjoy Gamecock football.”

Sponsorship Opportunities
Jason Harris, Assistant AD, Ticket Sales & Services at the University of Oregon called out that sponsorships from local brands seeking to develop deeper relationships with the student population can be combined with the all-mobile student ticketing platform. Dutch Brothers Coffee is the 2018 sponsor of Oregon’s mobile student ticketing program, which gains visibility from 5,000 students each week and extends brand affinity to a key target demographic group.

A Seamless Transition for Alumni
Several schools, including Georgia State University, are using Experience’s mobile platform to extend a flexible ticketing option to recent graduates. This past spring, GSU was able to target graduating seniors with a customized Flex Pass offer, redeeming over 650 passes. Using a consistent, flexible mobile platform that begins with student ticketing and extends to alumni creates familiarity and makes it easy for fans across the spectrum to attend games.

“This is the tipping point,” said Junior Gaspard, Experience President and CEO. “College athletic departments are taking hold of mobile student ticketing at a rapid pace. They understand the importance of meeting students where they ‘live’, which is on the mobile device. We are delighted to work with these 14 schools to provide a solution that offers the opportunity to improve operations, increase game day attendance, and extend a solution to their fan base – from current students to recent grads – that is both flexible and easy to use.”

For more information about Experience’s Mobile Student Ticketing, visit expapp.com/student.

About Experience
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