Sporting KC Upgrades

Sporting Kansas City announced today a partnership with fan engagement technology company Experience to empower Sporting Kansas City’s fans with the ability to create memorable events by purchasing seat upgrades and one-of-a-kind experiences at Sporting Park, all from their mobile device, beginning with the 2014 season.

Experience’s innovative technology will be seamlessly integrated into Sporting Kansas City’s existing Sporting Club Uphoria mobile application for iOS and Android. Currently, Sporting KC fans can use Sporting Club Uphoria on game day to view video highlights, view live stats and listen to in-game audio among other features. The Experience technology will also further enrich Sporting KC’s fan database, allowing the club to better tailor marketing offers.

Robb Heineman, Chief Executive Officer of Sporting Club, stated, “Building on our technology strategy which centers around enhancing the fan experience, Sporting Kansas City chose Experience based on their innovation and sole focus on the fan. Experience’s mobile technology, integrated into our Uphoria app, will be fast for fans to use as well as very simple and intuitive. Sporting KC fans will be further empowered to personalize their game day experience, whether it’s having the ability to purchase an on-field experience or simply enabling a seat move to get closer to the action, our fans will be able to use technology to create a memory and make the most of their visit to Sporting Park.”

Experience President Ben Ackerman added, “Sporting Kansas City has built their brand, their stadium, and the Uphoria app, all with an eye towards the future and how technology plays a key role in enhancing the game for fans. Working with teams like Sporting KC, who embrace technology and leverage it to help fans enjoy the game in new and unique ways, is what we are all about at Experience – we exist to ensure fans have fun at live events.”

To register for Sporting KC Seat Upgrades, to go the following link on your iPhone or Android Phone: Sporting KC Upgrades