USF Upgrades

Experience has added its 13th NCAA parter in the South Florida Bulls and its 1st American Conference team. South Florida will be using Experience’s Seat and Experiential Upgrade Technology to enhance the fan experience for its basketball fans this season. South Florida fans will be able to upgrade to premium seats and experiences, including:

Run with the Bulls – This is an incredible experience to hoist one of the flags that spells out USF and carry it around the Sun Dome, rallying every Bull in attendance to stand up and make some noise. Those that purchase this experience would lead the basketball team back out on to the floor at halftime.

Rocky’s Helper – Be the right hand of the greatest mascot in the land. Rocky is a busy man, and could use your help! Tag along as he roams the Sun Dome and gets into his usual mischief.

USF Spirit – Join the Sun Dolls and Cheerleaders! Bring the crowd to their feet with your enthusiasm, and help us hang a three point sign every time the Bulls swish one from downtown.

The Bulls also plan on using Experience’s technology to enhance the fan experience for its football fans next season.

To register for Upgrades click the following link:  South Florida Bulls Upgrades