“As you know, very few services and/or products actually deliver on a promise, and I was thrilled (as were my family members with me at the game) in the way Experience truly delivered and vastly improved our gameday experience at The University of Alabama’s Bryant-Denny stadium!

See, I’m a proud UA alumnus, one who treasures the time I get to spent back in Tuscaloosa; however, I don’t get the chance to come back to alma mater nearly as much I’d like to, given I live over 8 hours away (only get back once a year, if I’m lucky). When I’m there, whether it be with family members, college friends, or a colleague who’s never experienced the tradition-rich environment present at the Capstone, I want our experience to be the very best, and that includes seats that are in good location for the game.

For me, I don’t have that luxury of having season ticket seats, because I don’t live close enough to Tuscaloosa to visit all that often and to make an investment into joining a season ticket club, like Tide Pride, worth it, personally. This is why a service/product/app like yours is ideal.

As for using it, it couldn’t have been easier. I first found out about it per an email I received, announcing the opportunity to upgrade my already purchased single game ticket (nosebleed section NN, row 42 – aka. outer space). After registering on your site, I received a simple text, showing me the opportunities to upgrade and experience some of the new facilities, located inside the stadium, etc. Then, about a quarter into the game, while we’re all complaining about how awful the section NN row 42 “experience” is, I received a text, letting me know seat upgrades were available. I couldn’t have acted any quicker, punched in my card number, and before you know it, 3 family members and I were on our way to the promised land – section K, in the lower bowl!

Honestly, all of us could not have been happier with how easy it was to interact with your app, pay for the upgrade, and then immediately get to experience it! It really made the trip back to Tuscaloosa worth it, quite frankly. Had we not had the ExpApp upgrade, we would have been miserable up in section NN row 42, making every attempt at trying to enjoy an all-out 52-0 beat down. Hell, who am I kidding, with the ExpApp, we would have left right after halftime with the desire of really wanting to stay and pull our team (my school) through!

Thanks for the kick ass app, and keep up the great work!”