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Meet the Interns — Summer 2017 Edition

As Engineers at Experience, we are passionate about two things: writing code and learning new things. That’s why we get so excited when summer comes around – it means it’s time for summer internships! This summer, we were super excited to have not one, but two, interns join our development team – Joana Ibarra and Larry Jacobs.

Getting Started with AWS Lambda

Getting Started with AWS Lambda

When building software, sometimes you just want to set up a way to perform one simple, self-contained task or action with your code. Going through all the work of creating, setting up, and configuring an entirely new application and the handful of different environments necessary to properly test and deploy your “miniature app” often feels like overkill, almost like serving up a tiny bit of food on a massive plate. AWS Lambda addresses this problem, and we’ll walk through what it took for us to get AWS Lambda running in production.