Data plays a vital role in optimizing a venue’s inventory to the fullest. But understanding how to utilize data can be tricky.

We embraced this challenge to examine the data behind how Ameris Bank Amphitheatre was using Experience Upgrades® for their shows, recommending enhancements that could take their program to the next level.

Analyzing data for on-sale timing, we helped Ameris Bank Amphitheatre leverage the best timing to impact greater seat upgrade sales. In turn, Ameris increased their early on-sale window, leading to a jump of 230% in seat upgrade revenue prior to the day of show. In addition, our review of pricing data uncovered optimal pricing for upgrades, leading to 226% growth of the program YOY.

Ameris Bank Amphitheatre found a solution through Experience to not only grow their revenue with easy program updates, but to also improve their overall Upgrades experience for fans. Learn more about their success below.