Spotlight: Kelly Moran

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Job Title: Operations Analyst

Time at Experience: 2 years

What have you worked on at Experience that’s made you the most proud?

I love hearing ideas from teams, making them a reality, and seeing the look on their faces when we tell them your idea is now something that we can do.

What’s a typical day like for you at Experience?

There’s really no such thing as a typical day. I work with 23 of our NBA and NHL teams. As soon as you hit September 1, it’s almost like the floodgates are opened. Between multiple games every night and checking in with our partners on their offerings, it definitely gets busy – checking emails, meeting with my sales team, and working with our partners. That’s the exciting part though. It’s the couple minutes before a team call and I know that I get to host it, that’s what gets me fired up. It’s that client interaction.

Outside of your role, what else keeps you at Experience? Why are you such a fan of Experience?

Oh my gosh. The people! It’s having one of my childhood best friend who works in the office and having someone on my team who all of a sudden has become a new best friend. You know it’s those relationships you build in an office that I never expected. And so it’s everybody I work around, that’s what keeps me coming back every day.

It's the couple minutes before a team call and I know that I get to host it, that's what gets me fired up.

What do you love most about the ATL?

I like the fact that we have our own unique culture within the South – we have southern hospitality and it’s a melting pot.

Any favorite restaurants right now?

Nine Mile – There’s potato sack races and views of the city. But I’m always a huge hibachi fan, so if I had to choose right here where we’re going to dinner, I’m saying MoMoYa.

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