What’s Your Treasure?

Late last month we invited 20 teenagers from the Boys and Girls Club to Experience for the first Treasure event hosted at our (really cool) office. The event, an entrepreneurship workshop, broke down the fundamentals of starting a business while encouraging creativity and ideation so that the kids could present their business ideas by the end of the workshop. And boy did these young minds come up with amazing ideas.

Avoid Perfection to Create Amazing Products: Development @ExpApp

At Experience, we don’t strive for perfection because we’re never done and our industry never stops changing. In five years we’ve grown to 350+ live event properties and partner with the likes of Ticketmaster, Live Nation, MLB.com, the NFL, and FELD. Lean development allowed us to grow quickly. Let’s take a look at some examples of how we avoid perfection, take strategic bets, and ship lean.

All Hands on Deck: Why we use a company-wide support model

When you introduce technology that has never existed before, you’re bound to have a few customers with questions. And, when our company mission is to help fans have more fun at live events, you can imagine customer service becomes a top priority for us. Our customer support has evolved from our president carrying around a dedicated support cell phone to today, all Experience employees take turns supporting fans in need.

How We Built a “Hustle, Learn, Improve” Culture at Experience

The ways we go about our business – new customer on-boarding, seamless event execution, best practice consulting – have changed over time, but the backbone of the culture and our core philosophy have remained the same. Here’s some insight into our unique start and the hustle, learn, improve culture that continues to power us today.

How do you want to experience live entertainment?

Context is everything, and we want all fans, in all contexts, to have an incredible time at live events. Watch a video of our company president, Ben Ackerman, share our vision for creating lifelong fans.

Season tickets – reimagined

Imagine a world where on the morning of game day, you could instantly sell more tickets to season ticket holders as their group size changed, or you could automatically deliver an upgrade offer knowing they would accept it, or you could take back a member’s seat to resell to new fans or open for seat upgrades. With Experience’s Fluid Ticket™ technology, you can realize that world today.

Experience Pass® One | the only standby ticket in live events

Sell last-minute tickets to live events via text message, email, or social media. With no pre-registration necessary, you can guarantee your fans access by delivering barcodes for entry, but delivering actual seat locations after you optimize your primary sales – hence, the standby ticket.