Spotlight: Marc Sandoval

After visiting Atlanta and meeting everyone at Experience, the culture is what really drew me in. Looking at this almost 5 years later, the culture is what still motivates and inspires me every single day. I certainly get excited about what we’ve been able to accomplish in the live entertainment industry…If you truly want to come into a situation where the work that you do is going to have an impact and you’re going to feel that impact on our business and the industry, Experience is where you want to be.

Introducing Junior Gaspard, New CEO at Experience

Experience is thrilled to have Junior Gaspard, long time ExpApper, as our new President and CEO.

We’ve asked him to share some insights into the business of Experience and what’s next on the horizon for the company.

Also, we hope you have as much fun as we did getting to know him better! Read more to see what he had to say…

Spotlight: Adam Leonard

Software engineering is kind of like magic in that you can basically tell a computer a series of incantations and it will just do stuff for you. If you have enough time you can make it do almost anything. The ability to modify the world, even if it’s a digital world, purely from your thoughts, is really cool. We’re at an interesting inflection point on the tech side at Experience. I think we’re going to have the opportunity to solve some fascinating (and tricky!) problems in the upcoming year, so I’m excited to get to work. One of the cool things about Atlanta is that it can be very urban but also wooded. You know if you’re on the midtown mile you’re surrounded by skyscrapers but you go just a short distance away and you’re in Inman Park and you’re surrounded by trees, parks, these beautiful old houses. I mean it’s an entirely different feel. And that variability from neighborhood to neighborhood is really cool.”

Spotlight: Kelly Moran

I love hearing ideas from teams, making them a reality, and seeing the look on their faces when we tell them your idea is now something that we can do. There’s really no such thing as a typical day, between multiple games every night and checking in with our partners on their offerings. That’s the exciting part though. It’s the couple minutes before a team call and I know that I get to host it, that’s what gets me fired up. It’s that client interaction. Oh my gosh. The people at Experience! They’re motivated. Extremely, extremely motivated. And eager to help.