Spotlight: Marc Sandoval

After visiting Atlanta and meeting everyone at Experience, the culture is what really drew me in. Looking at this almost 5 years later, the culture is what still motivates and inspires me every single day. I certainly get excited about what we’ve been able to accomplish in the live entertainment industry…If you truly want to come into a situation where the work that you do is going to have an impact and you’re going to feel that impact on our business and the industry, Experience is where you want to be.

All Hands on Deck: Why we use a company-wide support model

When you introduce technology that has never existed before, you’re bound to have a few customers with questions. And, when our company mission is to help fans have more fun at live events, you can imagine customer service becomes a top priority for us. Our customer support has evolved from our president carrying around a dedicated support cell phone to today, all Experience employees take turns supporting fans in need.