A Year of Giving

At Experience, we make the most of the “season of giving” because it’s something we hold close in our company culture and commit to throughout the entire year.

What’s Your Treasure?

Late last month we invited 20 teenagers from the Boys and Girls Club to Experience for the first Treasure event hosted at our (really cool) office. The event, an entrepreneurship workshop, broke down the fundamentals of starting a business while encouraging creativity and ideation so that the kids could present their business ideas by the end of the workshop. And boy did these young minds come up with amazing ideas.

Avoid Perfection to Create Amazing Products: Development @ExpApp

At Experience, we don’t strive for perfection because we’re never done and our industry never stops changing. In five years we’ve grown to 350+ live event properties and partner with the likes of Ticketmaster, Live Nation, MLB.com, the NFL, and FELD. Lean development allowed us to grow quickly. Let’s take a look at some examples of how we avoid perfection, take strategic bets, and ship lean.

Find out why 140 live sports and entertainment properties use Experience Pass technology

With the recent enhancements we’ve made to Experience Pass, we’re excited to announce that teams like the Dallas Stars, Nashville Predators, and more can now use this technology to target an unlimited number of different fan segments with a variety of offers. The door is wide open for live sports and entertainment properties to harness the types of flexible technologies that reach new consumers in relevant ways.

Sponsor the live event moments fans will never forget

Fans have choices – lots of choices – from what they buy, to what they eat, to where they sit when attending a live event. Brands, both big and small, can’t help but recognize the value in having their name affiliated with these experiences. Read how Experience’s flexible, personalized technology stays ahead of the mobile sponsorship world.

The Power of Loyalty – Reward your fans the right way to keep them for life

Of course, the experience of live sports simply can’t be replicated anywhere else. The energy of thousands of other fans cheering around you, the cheerleaders pumping up the crowd at halftime, and the thrill of being so close to your favorite athletes, just to name a few. There’s something magical about watching a game live and in person. So how do sports venues and teams ensure that their fans are buying tickets instead of staying home or spending their dollars elsewhere?

In this paper, we’ll explore what makes the most successful loyalty programs so popular with consumers.

How We Built a “Hustle, Learn, Improve” Culture at Experience

The ways we go about our business – new customer on-boarding, seamless event execution, best practice consulting – have changed over time, but the backbone of the culture and our core philosophy have remained the same. Here’s some insight into our unique start and the hustle, learn, improve culture that continues to power us today.

3 Myths of Modern Day Merchandising

Consumer behavior is moving toward instant, mobile, and on-demand…but how do we translate traditional merchandising strategy onto this new, digital landscape? Let’s explore the myths that plague modern day merchandisers.

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