Impact the full fan experience

from attracting new audiences to creating lifelong fanatics

group_add Attract new audiences

Drive the next generation of fans to your events with the ticketing options they demand, like subscription access to games in a month or last-minute tickets to events.


Experience Pass®

The world’s most flexible mobile ticket technology

  • Attract new fans
    Engage hard-to-reach fan segments like millennials, last-minute deciders, and fans not buying traditional ticketing products
  • Configure for your needs
    Deliver tickets the way today’s fans demand with last-minute tickets via text messages, subscription access to all events each month, and completely flexible memberships that allow ticket usage in any group size for any event.
  • Use your seat as efficiently as possible
    Maximize ticket sales and deliver seat locations later, as we can separate the barcode for venue access from the actual seat location, so you can sell even before seats are assigned to fans.
  • Make your box office smile
    We integrate directly into your existing ticketing system for real-time inventory management that delivers the reconciliation ticketing ops will love.
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phone_iphone Engage fans in-venue

Let fans personalize every live event they attend with access to seat upgrades, VIP experiences, and exclusive merchandise. Deliver the experiences that will make each event incredible.


Experience Upgrades®

The seat upgrades, VIP experiences, and exclusive merchandise that make every live event memorable

  • Generate incremental revenue
    Raise nightly per caps and your fans’ lifetime value as you allow fans to upgrade their live event experiences.
  • Drive your mobile adoption goals
    Deliver our technology exclusively through your channels and under your brand.
  • Find new sales leads
    Discover prospective season ticket members as you identify the most active fans in the venue.
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loyalty Convert them to loyal fans

Give casual fans a more compelling reason to convert to season ticket members by offering them the most flexible and versatile multi-ticket technology in live events.


Fluid Ticket® technology

The only season ticket technology that adapts to your fans’ lives

  • Sell the same seat two times
    Allow your members to return seats for a game while you resell those seats on the primary market or use them for seat upgrades.
  • Give members instant decision-making power
    Deliver the option to purchase more seats for a single game in just a few taps on their smartphone.
  • Increase ticket utilization
    Let season ticket members earn credit for returned tickets, which they can apply toward more or upgraded seats. Higher ticket utilization leads to higher renewals.
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refresh Retain fans for a lifetime

Tap into the emotion of live events with a better alternative to traditional loyalty platforms and surprise-and-delight technology that will drive higher renewals.


Experience Memories®

The better way to reward loyal fans

  • Reward the behavior that matters most
    Give season ticket holders rewards for making the most loyal investment they can make – buying season tickets, renewing early, and other activities that drive your business forward.
  • Use your data immediately
    Do more than fill out spreadsheets and look at dashboards; use real insights to deliver the experiences and access your most loyal fans crave.
  • Marry loyalty to award-winning fan experience
    Give your best fans exclusive access and experiences that only the most loyal acts of fandom can obtain.
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Experience Genie™

Surprise-and-delight technology that re-engages dormant members

  • Increase attendance from potential “no shows”
    Deliver surprise upgrades to at-risk season ticket members that they can only redeem by attending the game.
  • Reach your fans at scale
    Easily target individuals, groups, or anyone in between with anything in your upgrades marketplace.
  • Create lifelong loyalty
    Provide unexpected upgrades to your fans and produce the good will that creates brand loyalty for a lifetime.
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