We exist for fans

to have an incredible time at live events

In 2011, we asked a simple question: what would it look like if we could personalize every live event we attended? The answer unlocked a whole new way of viewing live sports and entertainment. First and foremost, we could have access to any seat in the venue. If we bought general admission to a concert or bleacher seats for a baseball game but the sun was beating down, we could easily find seats in the shade. No longer would field access or backstage passes be restricted to VIPs. We could be superheroes to our kids by making sure the mascot took a picture with us.

And so, Experience was founded with the mission of making sure fans could always have an incredible time at live events.

As the business grew and we started working with more sports and entertainment organizations, we signed strategic partnerships with the pillars in live entertainment, like the NFL, Ticketmaster and Live Nation, MLBAM and tickets.com, FELD entertainment, Spectra, and Veritix. We reimagined how fans could attend events through subscription access and simplified last-minute ticket purchases. We’ve developed the only season ticket technology that adapts to your fan’s life.

Our momentum continued as we were acquired by Cox Enterprises in 2014, giving us the stability and financial security to focus all of our energy on building technology for the future of live event personalization.

Meet Our Teams


Greg Foster

Chief Executive Officer

Junior Gaspard

CRO and SVP of Product Development

Kevin Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Rick Cabrera

VP of Engineering

Stan Deak

VP of New Business Development

Will Kilpatrick

VP of Strategy and Finance


Lauren Schuman

Director of Growth and Optimization

Davis Lukens

Product Management

Katie Hinton

Product Management

Justin Matthews

Associate Product Manager

Erin Borys

Lead Program Manager, PMO

Layna Carnicom

Associate Program Manager

Brittney Noe

Ticketing Products Specialist

Mya King

Product Integration Specialist

Will Gisel

UX Designer


Adam Leonard

Team Lead

Chris Singer

Team Lead

Yoel Spotts

Team Lead

Jim Schindler

Engineering Manager

Colin Gray

Lead Integration Engineer

Travis Bailey

Lead Engineer

Dharmesh Patel

Dev Ops Manager

Eric Gonzales

Dev Ops Engineer

Josh Collins

Dev Ops Engineer

Aaron Rosenbaum


David Sawyer


Ken Bailey


Kevin Glover


Kevin McBrayer


Michael O’Connor


Qazi Musab


Spencer Powell


Matt Mills

Data Scientist

Trevor Anderson

Sr. Data Analyst


Eric Thelen

Director of Marketing

Emily Herring

Sr. Manager, Database Marketing

Josh Thomas

Sr. Manager, B2B Marketing

Molly White

Sr. Marketing Manager

Kendra Kelly

Marketing Manager

Laynie Thomas

Marketing Manager

Hilary Yeganegi

Marketing Coordinator

Kelly Buday

Public Relations


Chris LeCraw

Director of Customer Operations

Abby Passeri

Sr. Manager, Operations

Davis McKnight

Sr. Manager, Operations

Michael Connolly

Sr. Manager, Operations

Peyton Beard

Sr. Manager, Operations

Ben Hunolt

Ops Manager

Chris Morrison

Ops Manager

Davis Webb

Ops Manager

Ben Bussard

Project Manager

Ryan Kaufman

Sr. Data Analyst

Alex Dawson

Ops Analyst

Amy Lee

Ops Analyst

Danny Bruce

Ops Analyst

John Pessoa

Ops Analyst

Kelly Dwyer

Ops Analyst

Kelly Moran

Ops Analyst

Chanita Simms

Fan Loyalty Analyst

Esther Yoon

Fan Loyalty Analyst

Kaylie Lopez

Fan Loyalty Analyst

Kathleen Melvin

Fan Loyalty Analyst

Finance and Talent

Stephen Shirk

Director of Finance and Accounting

Logan Stroly

Sr. Financial Analyst

Ashley Pryor

Talent Manager

Lindley Moss

Culture & Engagement Manager

Business Development

Keith Gibson

Sr. Director of New Business Development

Marc Sandoval

Sr. Director of Sales and Retention

Cailen Wachob

Director of Sales and Retention

Chris Kesicke

Director of Sales and Retention

Nate Klein

Director of Sales and Retention

Nick Arndt

Director of Sales and Retention

Nick Myers

Director of Sales and Retention

Joey Catrino

Director of New Business Development

Sam Cole

Director of Corporate Partnerships

Jamison Williams

Manager of Sales and Retention

Work With Us

“Everyone at Experience wants to build products that will change live entertainment forever. It's that vision and the incredible stories we hear from fans every day that makes this such an amazing place.”

Rick Cabrera, VP of Engineering

Current Opportunities


Software Engineer(s)

We're quickly growing both our business and our team and need to fill multiple roles (Jr, Mid, and Senior) on our roster with developers that are passionate about programming and building an amazing product. We need your help both scaling our existing system and building it to enable our vision of what a live event can really be.

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Marketing Intern

We are looking for a self-motivated Marketing Intern to work across all aspects of our marketing group to help our sports and entertainment partners use more of our technology, drive new fans to our products, and keep them coming back for more. The right person for this role will serve as a “jack-of-all-trades” marketer who supports each of Experience’s sports and entertainment segments.

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Even if you don’t see the perfect role for you, shoot us an email. Who knows, we might be able to create a role that could use your skills.

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